Cosmetic Dentistry Saves Your Smile

Not everyone is born with the perfect genes for perfect teeth. This can be understood by the fact that most people need to get braces in order to have straight teeth. In addition, many people have teeth that have not sealed completely, a genetic trait, and it results in chronic cavities through life. Eventually, teeth get lost but cosmetic dentistry has the answer.

Time for Implants

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

Individual teeth and groups of teeth can be replaced either using a bridge with an artificial tooth or with dental implants. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are fixed into the jaw bone. They are permanent and do not rely on surrounding teeth to stay fixed like bridges do. They look just like real teeth and function the same.

Implants versus Partials

Partial dentures, or “partials” as they are known, are not permanent. They need to be removed and cleaned on a daily basis. They can be uncomfortable, but usually they stay put fairly well since they depend on permanent teeth to stay fixed. This is an option that dental insurance will cover. Partials are not implants.

Implants versus Dentures

When all of the teeth on the top or the bottom are lost due to tooth decay or gum disease, there is a need for dentures. Dentures need to be fixed with an adhesive and must be removed for cleaning on a daily basis, like partial dentures do.

Implants, on the other hand, are fixed to the jawbone and do not get removed. They are just like permanent teeth and they can be brushed like them. They are ideal and cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn can help you get them. Insurance does not cover the cost of these teeth but they are preferred over dentures, as they feel and act just as real teeth do.